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Will A Whitening Treatment Harm My Teeth?

Are your discolored or stained teeth keeping you from flashing your winning smile? Whether you know it or not, your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If the color of your teeth isn’t anywhere near “pearly white,” perhaps it’s time you look for the best cosmetic dentist in Charlotte, NC to fix this problem.

Getting your teeth whitened professionally will not only give you a beautiful and attractive smile, but it will also boost your self-confidence. Although you can find a slew of at-home kits to easily sink your money into, they’re not as effective as the whitener that your dentist provides.

Will A Whitening Treatment Harm My Teeth?

Why is Professional Teeth Whitening Better Than Store-Bought Bleaching Kits?

Better Results

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are weak formulations that can’t eliminate the stains caused by tetracycline antibiotics. Professional teeth whitening contains stronger whitening compounds that can remove the stains and make your smile whiter and brighter than ever before.

Control Tooth Sensitivity

All teeth whitening treatments can cause sensitivity because the tubes in your teeth are opened up. This makes it easy for heat and cold to penetrate your teeth. However, with professional teeth whitening treatments, your dentist can recommend teeth whitening compounds that protect your teeth against sensitivity.

Safer Treatment

Did you know that store-bought bleaching kits can contain substances that increase tooth sensitivity and irritate your gums? Alternatively, professional teeth whitening won’t damage your gums and teeth. Your dentist adjusts the levels of the whitening agent to suit your unique needs, so your teeth can stay completely safe.

Speedy Procedure

Unlike over-the-counter home bleaching kits that require repeat applications, professional teeth whitening treatments can be completed in a single appointment. What’s more, the procedure only lasts for about an hour.

Personalized Treatment

While store-bought whitening kits are a one-size-fits-all job, professional teeth whitening offers a personalized treatment. After thoroughly examining your teeth via digital scans or x-rays, your dentist can give your teeth the exact level of brightness and natural shade that’s tailored to your needs.

Will A Whitening Treatment Harm My Teeth?

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