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Pain when you eat, drink, or speak. Difficulty sleeping. Trouble concentrating. Toothaches, whether minor or severe can cause significant difficulties in your daily life. The cause can also vary from the simple to the complex. At one end of the spectrum, you may have sensitive teeth, and sometimes all that’s required is a change in the type of toothpaste that you use. On the other end of the spectrum is a roots-deep infection that will require you to undergo a root canal. At their worst, toothaches can prevent you from truly living your life. Whatever the reason for the symptoms you’re experiencing, your team at Charlotte Dental Arts offers effective treatment for a toothache in Charlotte, NC.

Common Causes of Toothaches in Charlotte, NC

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General Toothaches

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Root Canal Infections

When an infection reaches deep down into your tooth roots, it can be very painful. This is because these narrow channels or canals are where all the living tissues—the nerves and blood vessels—of your tooth are found. With such deep infections, repairing the tooth with a standard filling is out of the question. You need a more intensive treatment called a root canal in Charlotte, NC. The root canal procedure or any treatment dealing with the inside of a tooth always begins with some form of sedation dentistry. Once you’re comfortable, a small opening will be made in the crown of the infected tooth. The diseased tissue will be cleared from the tooth canals, before the root canals are sanitized and restructured to make room for gutta-percha, a special filling material used exclusively for root canals. After this, we usually recommend placement of a new crown to fortify the tooth, as natural crowns can become brittle after root canals.

When Treatment Is Ineffective

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