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Your gum tissues play a large role in the health and beauty of your smile. If you’re experiencing functional or cosmetic problems with your gums, you can benefit from our periodontal treatment in Charlotte, NC! For conditions ranging from a “gummy” smile and tongue-tie to periodontal disease, we utilize laser dentistry and advanced soft tissue techniques to provide you with a comfortable and predictable treatment. Our dentist, Dr. Edwin Porter, has over 25 years of clinical experience and has trained with some of the nation’s top dentists at the Pankey Institute, the Dawson Academy, and Spear Education. Our team at Charlotte Dental Arts welcomes you to restore your gum health and enjoy a more functional and confident life!


The Importance of Healthy Gums

Our Select Periodontal Treatments

A “gummy” smile can be both a source of embarrassment and functional problems like decay and infection. We often use a dental laser for soft tissue crown lengthening to remove and reshape gum tissue for a more aesthetic, symmetrical smile. Functionally, we may remove tissues and bone to gain access to areas of decay or to make room for a restoration like a dental crown.

Tongue-tie and lip-tie create numerous functional problems affecting speech, swallowing, teeth position, and even breastfeeding in infants. A frenectomy removes or modifies the fold of tissue (frenulum) that causes this restriction to improve everyday movement of the tongue and upper lip. Frenectomies can be completed on both infants and adults to restore proper function.
Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissues caused by bacterial plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth. The first step in treating gum disease involves dental scaling to remove calculus from the tooth roots at and below the gumline. Root planing smooths these surfaces to minimize future bacterial accumulation and help healthy gums reattach.
Like gum disease, an infection that develops around a dental implant needs immediate treatment. First, bacteria and calculus are removed from around the implant post and in the periodontal pockets. Next, diseased gum tissues are trimmed to reduce pocket depth. These pockets may also be treated with antibiotics to remove lingering bacteria. Finally, healthy tissues can heal and form a tight seal around the dental implant.
After treatment of active gum disease is completed, more specialized cleanings are needed to manage this condition. Periodontal maintenance is a “deep” cleaning of the teeth to remove bacteria and calculus from the teeth at and below the gum line in the pockets. Completed every 3-4 months, these cleanings help prevent re-infection.

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