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What Are The Kinds Of Dental Technology Used For My Dental Implant Treatment?

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Let’s take a deeper look into dental implants in Charlotte, NC. Some may be asking, what are these revolutionary new smile restoration tools used by experienced dental professionals? Well, dental implants are titanium based dental materials that provide a new smile for millions of Americans that are currently experiencing missing, damaged, or misshaped teeth. 

What’s even cooler is that the doctor can use advanced, modern technology to place the patient’s new dental implants with superb precision, speed, and accuracy, all while the patient simply lays back and waits to show off their new pearly whites!


What Are Dental Implants In Charlotte, NC?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into a patient’s jaw to hold a replacement tooth, or a full mouth dental implant bridge. Dental implants may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other related reason.

Dental implants are a great way to improve a patient’s smile, bite, and oral health. They will restore a patient’s ability to chew, speak, and smile. Dental implants also help patients look and feel better by improving their self-confidence and overall quality of life. Additional benefits of dental implants include:

  • They are a viable, permanent solution to missing teeth
  • They do not have the problems of dentures, such as being loose or ill-fitting
  • Dental implants provide aesthetic appeal
  • Natural-looking teeth
  • Stability and long-lasting results


What Technologies Are Used For Dental Implant Treatments In Charlotte, NC?

The success of dental implants treatments is amplified with the application of modern technology during the implantation process. These advanced technology options include:

  • Digital X-rays
  • Guided implant surgery
  • CBCT imaging


What Is The Dental Implant Procedure With Dental Technology?

In the past, if people were unlucky enough to lose their teeth, their only option was to get a dental bridge or traditional dentures. However, thanks to advances in dental implant technology in Charlotte, NC, patients can now get their lost teeth replaced with an artificial one that looks and feels just like their real teeth!

Dental implants are anchored into the jawbone and take the place of missing teeth. They can be used to anchor a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row and are made from titanium metal.

During the patient’s initial consultation with their doctor, an impression of their mouth will be taken and reviewed either in a lab or within the dental office. That impression is used to create a custom-made dental implant. Once the custom-made dental implant is ready, the doctor can place it in the patients mouth and secure it with a temporary crown.

A few weeks after the dental implant is placed, the doctor can put a permanent crown on the tooth to give it a natural look and feel. All of these steps are executed using modern, advanced technology.

Including these technological advances in a patient’s treatment plan ensures their results are fit for their unique smiles and are long-lasting, while maximizing their results and time considerations, along with safety and comfort. When used by a skilled doctor, patients can be sure that their teeth will look, feel, and function like never before. Patients can walk away with their best smile yet


We Can Place Your Dental Implants

Thinking about getting dental implants? Great! You can come to our modern and caring office to learn more about dental implants and experience these technological advances for yourself as you achieve your new smile. Get in contact with Dr. Edwin Porter at our Charlotte Dental Arts office to schedule an appointment today!

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