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What are the Basic Parts of a Dental Implant?

When it comes to tooth replacement procedures, dental implants in 28226 are regarded as royalty. This artificial tooth mechanism has several different parts that make up a strong, durable, and effective solution to missing teeth. As a result, the implants seamlessly replicate the look and feel of your natural teeth.

If you’re planning to replace your missing or damaged teeth with implants, you’ll be glad to know these can last a lifetime with proper care. Aside from restoring the appearance of your smile, implants also restore your chewing power and your ability to speak clearly.

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The Basic Parts of a Dental Implant


The fixture is a biocompatible, screw-like titanium post that the dentist places under the gums and directly into your jawbone – where your missing tooth’s roots once were. Ultimately, the fixture assumes the role of the implant’s roots. Through the process of osseointegration, the fixture fuses with your jawbone over the course of the healing process.


This part of the dental implant looks like a short and stumpy screw that can be made from a tooth-colored material or metal. It works to attach the fixture to the tooth replacement and is placed directly above the gum line.

It’s important to note that it’s possible for the abutment to be completely separate from the fixture or an integrated unit. If your dentist uses a separate abutment, it won’t be attached to the fixture until after the process of osseointegration is completed and the fixture has healed and settled.


The prosthesis refers to the cap or the dental crown and works to mimic the look and feel of your natural tooth. This part of the implant is typically screwed into place over the abutment or cemented on it. Options for dental crowns include porcelain or ceramic.

where can i get dental implants 28226?

Do You Need Dental Implants in 28226?

At Charlotte Dental Arts, we want you to maintain your natural smile for a lifetime. However, if your teeth just can’t keep up, we’re here to hear you out and recommend solutions that suit your unique needs. Request your appointment today!

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