The Worst - And Best! - Methods For Repairing A Chipped Tooth!

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Family dentists in Charlotte, NC, see a lot of things. One of the most frustrating is someone with a chipped tooth who has tried to take a do-it-yourself approach to solve the problem. If you have a chipped tooth, you can always rely on getting a dental crown from a trained dental provider and dependable teeth.

However, you cannot rely on some of the crazy methods that some people try at home to “fix” their chipped teeth. While it is fine to Google information so you have an education on dental procedures like dental implant placement and sedation dentistry options, you should never take advanced dental care into your own hands. 


What You Should NOT Do When You Have a Chipped Tooth

What are some of the at-home methods people try when they have chipped teeth? Believe it or not, dentists see all sorts of homemade “treatments.” These include trying to file down the teeth to make them even or attempting to glue the chip back into place. Not only are these methods bad for the health of your teeth but they can lead to an unpleasant smile. Plus, you may make the problem worse by causing extra damage and trauma to your teeth or gums.

A much better way to deal with a chipped tooth is to call a dentist immediately. A dentist will be able to evaluate the situation and tell you what your options are. For instance, in some cases, cosmetic bonding may be the right choice. More often than not, though, a dentist will recommend that you consider getting a dental crown.

How Dental Crowns Remove the Sting of a Chipped Tooth

As long as your chipped tooth is healthy enough to stay in place, it can support a dental crown. Dental crowns are same-day restorations that can be made right away in-house by dental providers with the right training and equipment. They are digitally developed to fit right in with the rest of your smile and even can be colored to go along with the natural coloring of your other teeth.

The process to receive a dental crown takes about an hour or so. During placement of the crown, you will be numbed appropriately so you feel comfortable. Your chipped tooth will be prepared to receive the dental crown. The crown will be bonded to the tooth with a bonding agent designed to last up to 15 years. This makes crowns a great investment—and a vast improvement over trying to repair a chipped tooth yourself!


Make an Appointment to Return Your Chipped Smile to Normal

Is a chip in your smile making you feel uncomfortable? Are you worried that your tooth may be more damaged than you realize? Make an appointment at our Charlotte Dental Arts office in Charlotte, NC to have your mouth evaluated by “Top Dentist” in Charlotte, Dr. Edwin Porter, and the rest of our caring team!

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