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The Different Types of Dental Sedation And Their Uses

Dental Patient Taking A Dental Sedative Pill

The anxieties caused by going to the dentist are serious. Many people who come to our clinic in Charlotte North Carolina who have had serious dental traumas or negative experiences with other dentists. That is why we offer different types of dental sedation. Allowing our patients to be as comfortable as possible is our goal. Here are the three various forms of dental sedation offered at our office. 


The Three Methods Of Sedation:

Dental sedation offers patients the ability to have critically important procedures done without fear. These sedatives also allow doctors to perform at their peak if you are prone to fidgeting and moving around during a visit. All three types of sedation are highly regulated and have required extensive training by our staff to administer.

Mild Sedation

Mild sedation is the lightest form of sedation we offer. This sedative is administered orally to patients with low levels of anxiety. This is typically reserved for longer appointments and procedures or for situations that are greatly complex due to underlying medical conditions. The sensation you feel is a sleepy relaxed state, remaining awake throughout the procedure yet calmed by the sedative.

Moderate Sedation

Moderate sedation is administered to patients with heightened levels of anxiety. This sedative will allow you to remain awake through the procedure, yet you will not have the memory of the procedure. This is because the sedative works to put you into the deepest state of relaxation which blocks long-term memory from being activated. This sedative is also reserved for long and critical procedures.

Deep Sedation

Deep state sedation is administered to patients with severe anxiety or previous dental trauma experiences. Deep sedation fully knocks you unconscious during the procedure. Expertly trained staff monitor your vitals to make sure the operation goes smoothly.

It is worth noting with any level of sedation, the effects may take hours after a procedure to wear off. Always be sure to bring a parent, guardian, spouse, friend, or someone you trust with you, so they make sure you make it to and from the appointment safely.


Relax During Your Next Dental Procedure

If you are looking for a dentist who works day in and day out to provide a comfortable experience for patients, look no further than Dr. Edwin Porter. With decades of experience in restoring smiles and healing dental issues, Dr. Porter custom-tailors every experience with a patient to their specific needs. That’s why he has continued his education to stay on top of new trends in dental health but also find new ways to provide high-quality experiences to patients.

If you would like to ease your worries during your next dental procedure, consider calling us at (704) 397-4332 to schedule your first appointment today with our office in Charlotte, NC. Or fill out this online form and we will get back to you in a matter of days. Dr. Porter and the whole team are excited and ready to help you and provide easy, understandable, and comfortable treatment options.

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