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Does Your Dental Past Predict Your Dental Future?

Does Your Dental Past Predict Your Dental Future?If your previous dental history isn’t something that you can brag about, then it’s easy to feel as though you’re destined for a lifetime of ongoing dental problems. You might even be feeling as though you’d rather avoid scheduling an appointment with any dentist in Charlotte for fear of hearing more bad news about your teeth.

You should know that your dental future isn’t hopeless, though. No matter how bad things have been in the past, you can actually use your past dental experiences to improve the future of your oral health.

For starters, think about the dental experiences that were most unpleasant for you. Have you ever broken a tooth? Have you ever suffered from a severe toothache? Have you been challenged by gum disease problems? Have you needed to have teeth pulled? How about root canal treatments and crowns?

Sometimes, dental problems can come without much warning, but most often, they can be prevented or minimized when you take early action. Think about what could have been done to prevent your oral health from spiraling out of control, and make a commitment to prevent them from happening again. If you never want to experience a toothache again or never want to lose another tooth, think back to how it all began:

Did you choose a healthy diet and lifestyle? Processed foods, sports drinks, starchy meals, and poor general health are known to contribute to dental problems.
Was your oral hygiene routine adequate? Poor hygiene habits and plaque accumulation raise your risk for dental diseases.
Did you maintain routine dental checkups? This is the best way to identify and tackle a small problem before it becomes a big one.
Did you contact the dentist as soon as you noticed a problem or pain? Pain or sensitivity can be a sign of an advanced dental problem.
Did you follow your dentist’s recommendations for preventive or restorative treatments in a timely manner? A small problem can become much worse when you delay or ignore the dentist’s recommendations.

Let go of your dental past and start rewriting your oral health future by contacting a Charlotte dentist today.

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