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Ways Dental Implants Can Improve The Functionality Of My Teeth

a dentist teaching a dental implant patient about the implant procedure and treatment.

When people are dealing with tooth loss and its impact on their overall look, self-confidence, and their ability to eat, speak, and chew, it can be a huge issue. Fortunately, dental implants in Charlotte, NC are a fantastic remedy to these issues! Dental implants are a life-changing, popular, and effective way to replace missing teeth. Here is how dental implants can improve the functionality of a patients teeth. 


What Is The Dental Implant Procedure Process?

Dental implant procedures in Charlotte, NC begin with the dental implant posts, usually made from the material titanium, being strategically placed in the patients jawbone. The dental implant post is used to act like a natural tooth root, stimulating the jawbone to make it strong and healthy.

After the skilled doctor has placed the dental implants and they are stabilized in the patient’s jawbone, the dental implants can fuse with the surrounding jawbone. This fusing process is also known as osseointegration. Abutments are then attached to the dental implants, connecting the dental implants to the dental prosthetic or dental crowns.

The crowns or dental prosthetic is then cemented into place, giving patients a beautiful and functional new smile. Dental implants make a significantly lasting impact on teeth that are damaged or missing, to improve all aspects of a patients smile and oral health.


Can Dental Implants Improve The Functionality Of My Smile?

Dental implants have many ways they can improve the functionality of patients’ smiles. Some of the ways dental implants can be used to improve the function of a patients smile include:

  • Restore a unique and youthful facial appearance
  • Replace missing teeth with durable and natural-looking new ones
  • Allow patients to eat a complete diet with full chewing and biting power function
  • Make it possible to speak clearly again
  • Boost the patient’s confidence
  • Improves the overall quality of the patient’s life

Dental implants are so revolutionary and must be placed by a dental professional that has the experience in successfully and efficiently placing them. Patients should go to a doctor can provide them a caring, knowledgeable, skilled staff, and modern environment to ensure that patients receive the best results yet.


Get Back To A Fully Functional Smile With Dental Implants

Ready to improve your smile with dental implants? We can help! Get in contact with our doctor, Dr. Edwin Porter, DDS, FAGD, at our office by Charlotte, NC to schedule your consultation today!

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