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Nancy's Story

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Nancy's Testimonial: A glimpse into Nancy’s positive experience with her emergency implant procedure and her journey to a new smile at Charlotte Dental Arts.
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Nancy discusses her root canal procedure experience at Charlotte Dental Arts with Dr. Porter. She was impressed she was able to get a same day emergency dental appointment. She has been a patient since 1998 and has had a number of additional procedures done including dental implants.

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Nancy: Recently, I had a root canal fail that I had done back in high school, and I developed an infection a month ago. He had to go in and do an implant. He worked on me for almost three hours. He did an excellent job. He was with me from the beginning, and he saw me very quickly when I called and said that I had an emergency. I was able to get in that day. So he did an excellent job with my implant, and we’re still waiting for it to heal, but in a couple of months, we’re hoping to finish the procedure.

Porter: Nancy is a personal friend. I’ve known Nancy for almost 30 years. She came to see me — I think she started as a patient in 1998. Nancy was suffering from a failed root canal that was causing her a great deal of pain in her jaw, and it had to be removed.

Nancy: When I had the implant done, I was very nervous. I’ve never had an implant before, but he explained it. His staff explained to me from the beginning what was going to happen. It just made me feel very comfortable the entire time I was there. From the start to finish, they were very great. They were very good at explaining all the details to me.

Porter: She actually texted me on a Sunday night and said that she was having a lot of pain, and we got her first thing on a Monday morning and uncovered what the cause was. We went through the whole procedural steps of what’s going to have to take place with her. It involved removing a pretty important tooth that’s in the front of her mouth and doing a lot of bone grafting and pretty advanced surgery and implant at the same time.

Nancy: I love my new smile. Dr. Porter did an excellent job. When I look in the mirror, and I see my smile. I love the smile that Dr. Porter has given me. It makes me feel confident. I can thank him and his staff for all that they’ve done for me and for my family.

A headshot of Nancy, her joy and satisfaction visible in her new smile, a testament to the expertise and care provided by Dr. Porter.

I love the smile that Dr. Porter has given me. It makes me feel confident.