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Jenna's Story

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Jenna's Smile Makeover: A thumbnail snapshot capturing Jenna’s emotional and transformative journey with Dr. Porter at Charlotte Dental Arts, highlighting her joyful, confident smile.
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Jenna has had issues with her teeth since high school. She had brittle teeth due to medical issues growing up, so her teeth would break easily and had extreme sensitivity, not to mention she was not happy with her smile and very self-conscious. Learn about her emotional transition through a Smile Makeover at Charlotte Dental Arts with Dr. Porter

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Jenna: I’ve been dealing with these issues for many years, probably since high school, even before high school. I grew up not being able to see a dentist regularly, but I had very brittle teeth. I had medical problems growing up, and that calls that. So my teeth would break easily. So I had a hard time eating sometimes, drinking cold water, going out in the cold areas. It was very hard for me.

Porter: Jenna came here with, I guess the main motivator for her was pain and appearance. She wasn’t happy at all with her smile. She wasn’t smiling at all, kind of covered her mouth when she would talk to you, and you could tell she was self-conscious about the way she looked. She’s a really pretty girl with just broken-up teeth. I think the real motivator for her to get treatment was pain, and pain is what got her started.

Jenna: The transition for me was when I started working at a cosmetic dentist’s office where I would see people walking in and out of the door so happy, and they would smile really big because they had all these changes, and you could see what Dr. Porter had done for them, and I wanted that. I wanted to be able to smile like them. Dr. Porter took one look at me, and we consulted, and he said, I know that I can make a huge transformation for you, and I knew that he could.

Porter: After I sat down with Jenna, we determined she needed to complete a reconstructive fix for her upper and lower arch. We embarked on that. Crown veneers are really reconstructive work on her whole upper arch. Root canals, remove some teeth that were unfixable. Took out what impacted wisdom teeth. The endodontic treatment was completely restored.

Jenna: I was a single mom of two kids, a ten and an eight-year-old. I had no confidence in myself. I never thought that I would be able to go out and meet someone or be happy again. When I look in the mirror, I see somebody who loves herself and who’s now confident. Somebody who was completely insecure now wants to smile.

Porter: Getting patients back to optimal oral health is what brings us in every day. I think changing smiles and changing lives, it’s such a rewarding thing to do when folks are more confident every day. I mean, your smile is your calling card. With Jenna, she has changed her personality based on what happened with her smile for the better.

Jenna: This procedure has completely changed my life. It has made me extremely confident in myself.

A close-up of Jenna, her newfound confidence illuminated by her vibrant, healthy smile post-Smile Makeover, reflecting her triumph over past dental struggles.

This procedure has completely changed my life. It has made me extremely confident in myself.

A guarded smile revealing significant enamel loss, leading to cavities and visibly chipped and broken teeth, suggesting urgent dental care is needed.A restored smile showcasing the remarkable recovery from enamel loss, with cavities treated and chipped teeth rebuilt, radiating health and newfound confidence.