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Elizabeth has had a number of dental issues through the years, which caused her to lose teeth and left gaps in her smile. At one point they thought she might have oral cancer. This left her with a lot of dental fear.

Elizabeth went to Charlotte Dental Arts in search of sedation dentistry so she could undergo proper treatments despite the dental phobia. Learn about her experiences and treatments by watching the video.

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Elizabeth: My struggles with going to the dentist started when I had a granuloma in my mouth. It required me to see several specialists and an endodontist, and I ultimately ended up losing two teeth because of that. They thought that I had oral cancer and I’ve been told I was going to lose half of my jaw. That started the process for me with dental anxiety, and after that experience, it became very difficult for me to trust any dentist again.

Dr. Edwin Porter: Elizabeth came here because she was fearful of the dentist and she saw us out for sedation dentistry. Dentophobia is a real thing, and she had really bad childhood experiences and was just absolutely petrified of being in a dental office, she had some pretty extensive issues dentally that needed to be addressed, and she found us because of sedation dentistry.

Elizabeth: My struggles with going to the dentist have been very severe. I have to be sedated, or I can’t sit in the chair. I will break out into hives. I was not able to go to the dentist. I went probably five years without seeing a dentist or having any dental work done even though I was in need of dental work. I finally decided I needed to have some dental work done because I was in pain, and I knew that I had some cavities that needed to be treated. I had heard a commercial on the TV about Dr. Porter and his staff and that they specialize in sedation dentistry, and that’s what started my process here.

Dr. Porter: It’s really neat to see somebody who was so amazingly fearful, and now she is a fan of coming to the dentist. That’s really, really cool. We’ve had that happen hundreds of times where folks have had horrible experiences, and we’ve been doing sedation dentistry for 25 years, and their whole life changes. When they realize they can have dental care done, and not be afraid, and not be in pain, and they come in, and they’re excited about coming to the dentist. So you flip the whole narrative for them, and that’s really rewarding.

Elizabeth: I had five cavities done, and I had two crowns, and I’m currently in treatment for Invisalign. For me, it’s been amazing because I can get the treatment that I need done and not have to worry about being so stressed during it. I wake up and everything’s been finished and completed. I’m a little groggy, but I’ve not in pain. So that’s good. It was the best experience I’ve ever had.

A woman showcasing a bright, white new smile, her expression radiant with confidence and joy.

For me, it's been amazing because I can get the treatment that I need done and not have to worry about being so stressed during it. I wake up and everything's been finished and completed.