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Video Testimonial - Gum Disease Treatment | Periodontal Issues

Chris's Story

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Chris discusses his experience with Dr. Porter and the team from Charlotte Dental Arts. In this video, we learn about Chris’ periodontal issues and the steps to correct his gum problems.

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Chris: You know, I hadn’t really had terrible experiences, I guess, with most dentists. But Dr. Porter, it feels very comfortable. It’s almost like when I walk in the door, it’s like, “Hey, Chris,” you know, it’s that sort of feeling. And from not just Dr. Porter, but Laura, who works at the desk is fantastic and always happy to see you, that sort of thing. And it’s been great.

Porter: Chris is a relatively new patient for us. He’s probably been here for 3 or 4 years. He came here and needing some periodontal help. Really nice teeth, but some issues with gum problems that we’ve been treating and addressing. So not a lot of dental treatment, some minor things but more moreover periodontal issues and periodontal treatment and some TMJ problems that required split therapy and he wears an orthotic at night, a roll splint that protects his TMJs and protects his occlusion.

He’s stable as he could be now, but it’s been more of a not a cosmetic type of oral rehabilitation, more pain modifying with normal splint.

Chris: Yeah. Dr. Porter, clearly, he knows his stuff when I had the mouth guard that I wear made here. It was evident that he had a better handle on that than the dentist I had previously. And I’ve been wearing it now for a year, and I still have that feeling, he knows what he’s doing.

Yeah, the thing about Dr. Porter is that they do everything they can to make you comfortable. Not only just here, but I had an issue one time where I was in pain and didn’t know why with my gums and it was a weekend and I was able to leave a message and Dr. Porter called me back on the weekend. Like, you know, “Hey, what’s going on? Tell me what’s happening. We need to make sure that you don’t need to come in right away,” you know. I don’t know how many dentists would do that on the weekend. I was impressed by that.

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The thing about Dr. Porter is, they do everything they can to make you comfortable.