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Cherie's Story

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Cherie had some bad experiences with the dentist as a child, so she had a real problem with dental fear. Dr. Porter and the team at Charlotte Dental Arts made Cherie feel comfortable and eased her dental anxiety. She keeps returning to Charlotte Dental Arts because of the quality of care and the fact that the team makes her feel like a person, not a number. Watch to learn more!

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Cherie: I keep returning to Doctor Porter just because of the friendliness of the staff and of him, of course, and the professionalism. I had some bad experiences as a kid with the dentist which put fear in me. So, as a young teenager, I didn’t go to a dentist; I was just like, “My teeth are fine. They don’t hurt. I brushed them every day. I’m good to go.” And then my husband started coming and said, “You know what, I think you like this guy. He seems pretty cool.” And I said, “Experiences haven’t been best.” But I started and have kept coming here ever since.

Edwin Porter: We’ve built this practice from nothing. There was no patient when I opened the door. Twenty-seven-plus years ago, it’s been a practice built on relationships and developing relationships with patients. They are not numbers here. Many places say we don’t treat you like a number; we’ve proven that for almost thirty years.

Cherie: I keep coming back to Doctor Porter. He’s got a great bedside manner. He understands my fear. From the very beginning, he has been really patient with any procedures that I’ve had to have done, worked with me, and been really clear about what was going to happen and what I would expect. He also went back and addressed some of the issues that I had as a kid that kind of put that fear of going to the dentist in me and explained to me that no one had ever done that. And so the fact that he took the time to address me on a personal level and some of the oddities about my teeth, my nerves, and how mine is set up made me different, really made me feel comfortable. And he is just super nice. His staff is always been very friendly to me, my husband, and my girls. We’ve never wanted to go anywhere else.

He understands my fear. From the very beginning, he has been really patient with any procedures that I've had to have done.