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Is There A Custom Porcelain Veneer Treatment Process?

a picture of a patient smiling as the doctor is placing her custom made porcelain veneers on her teeth.

When people are embarrassed to show their imperfect teeth, they will want to restore the look of their smile with a cosmetic procedure that meets their needs and wants. When patients go to a skilled and knowledgeable doctor, they can restore their smile with custom porcelain veneers in Charlotte, NC.

Individualized dental veneer procedures can give patients the bright, straight, and perfect smile of their dreams. Here is what a custom porcelain veneer procedure process looks like.


What Does A Custom Porcelain Veneer Procedure Process Look Like?

When people have worn-out, discolored, crooked, cracked, decayed, gapped, or missing teeth, they can improve the way their smile looks with customized porcelain veneers in Charlotte, NC. With custom made porcelain veneers, patients will be a part of their individualized treatment process to make sure their new smile is made to fit their unique smile.

A skilled doctor will begin the patient’s journey to their new smile with a consultation, so they understand what the patient needs and wants from their dental veneers. When planning out the personalized veneers, the doctor will go over material options and what the new smile will look like with them on.

For a precise dental veneer procedure, the doctor will take digital impressions of the patient’s teeth so they best know how to help restore the look of the patients smile. Once the patients new smile is fully planned out, the dental veneer procedure appointment can be scheduled, and the porcelain veneers can be made. After the porcelain veneers are made, the patient can come back to the office to get them bonded to their teeth.

During the dental veneer procedure process, a few millimeters of the front surface of the patients tooth enamel can be removed so the veneers sit naturally and comfortably on their teeth. Finally, the porcelain veneers can be bonded to the patient’s teeth so they can enjoy a beautiful and custom designed new smile.


Go Get Your Customized Porcelain Veneer’s In Charlotte, NC

At our caring and advanced office, we can give you a perfect new smile that will last you for years to come with porcelain veneers. If you want to learn more about what dental veneers are and how they can help improve the look of your smile, you should come to our office for a consultation. We can help you plan out your new and improved smile.

You can stop hiding your imperfect smile when you come to us to get your dental veneers crafted in our advanced office. Get in contact with Dr. Edwin Porter and our exceptional team at our Charlotte Dental Arts office to schedule an appointment today!

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