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Historical Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

Since time immemorial, the need to replace missing teeth has always been evident. Way before dentures in Charlotte NC were ever invented, people in the ancient world created false teeth out of various materials that may shock you. Let’s take a closer look at these mind-blowing historical facts about fake teeth.

Mind-Blowing Historical Facts About Dentures

The Oldest Dentures Were Made of Wolf’s Teeth

Did you know that archeologists in Mexico have discovered the ancient remains of dentures dating back to 2,500 BC? Although the excavators weren’t able to confirm the specific animal origin of these remains, they claim that these were made of wolf molars.

Etruscans Used Gold Wire to Hold Fake Teeth in Place 

The Etruscan civilization of ancient Italy was known for its discoveries in the field of science and medicine. Incidentally, they didn’t fail to apply their extensive knowledge in the aspect of dental care. To replace missing teeth, they used human or animal teeth that were held in place by gold wires.

Japan Invented Wooden Dentures

Wooden dentures were invented by the Japanese during the 16th century. Back then, they used softened beeswax to make impressions of people’s teeth before the artisan carves the wooden dentures by hand to match the impression. Once the hand carving process was completed, the fake teeth were set on a mouth guard made of soft beeswax.

France Made the First Porcelain Dentures

In 1728, Pierre Fauchard, a French physician, came up with the idea of creating artificial teeth from hand-carved animal bone and wire brackets. However, it wasn’t until 1774 when a French pharmacist invented porcelain dentures. Although these fake teeth were aesthetically pleasing, they were also vulnerable to chipping and cracking.

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