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When Does the Dentist Recommend Root Canals?

When the blood vessels, nerves, and soft tissues inside of a tooth become diseased or inflamed, a root canal treatment can provide the only hope for saving your tooth. By removing the unhealthy tissue within the tooth, the dentist can eliminate the source of an infection that would not be able to heal on its own. There are 4 main reasons why a Charlotte dentist would recommend saving your bad tooth with a root canal treatment:

  1. Severe tooth decay. Very deep decay or a cavity that has reached the tooth’s nerve can trigger an infection that antibiotics won’t cure. While filling the tooth and taking antibiotics could keep the nerve under control for a short period of time, the infection will eventually come back and it may be more resistant to antibiotics the next time.
  2. Multiple dental treatments. The dental nerve is aggravated every time that a procedure is performed on a tooth. When the same tooth is subjected to multiple procedures over the years, the nerve is less likely to stay healthy. It could eventually die or become irreversibly inflamed.
  3. Fractured or cracked tooth. The trauma from a crack or fracture can send the dental nerve into a tailspin, causing it to flare up and even become pinched by the crack line. You might experience constant pain that seems to be relieved with medications or biting pressure. Removing the nerve from the tooth via the root canal treatment is often the most ideal solution.
  4. An unseen injury. Quite often, the dental nerve can go haywire and the reason may not be obvious. By using various tests, the dentist can determine if the nerve is responding in a normal or an abnormal manner and then recommend that appropriate treatment.

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