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Tammie's Before And Afters

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Tammie was dissatisfied with the appearance of her teeth. She did not like their color, shape, or spacing. Unfortunately, she had a high cavity rate and was in pain due to decay caused by dry mouth and excessive sugar consumption.


Tammie elected for root canal treatment to alleviate her pain and the placement of full ceramic crowns on her upper arch. To address the lower crowding, Tammie is in Invisalign to straighten and correct the positioning of her lower teeth. After completing the Invisalign treatment, the patient will have full ceramic crowns fitted to her lower arch.

A headshot capturing a radiant smile transformation, where once crooked and yellowed teeth now gleam with perfect alignment and a brilliant white, reflecting newfound confidence and joy.
A smile showing crooked alignment and a yellow hue from staining.Straightened teeth and a lifted, white smile free of discoloration.

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