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Before & After - All-On-X Dental Implants

Jeffrey's Before And Afters

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Jeffrey was referred to us by a dental office that could not restore the implants already placed. He was interested in a nonremovable option versus dentures.


Full ceramic upper and lower hybrids (All-On-X) were fabricated to attach to the implants and restore proper function and the confidence that comes with a beautiful, natural-looking smile. This non-removable option is perfect for those with dentures who do not want the hassle of taking their teeth in and out.

An after headshot showcasing a transformative full-arch implant smile, where once there was absence, now stands a full, vibrant set of teeth, embodying confidence and renewal.
A smile absent of teeth, reflecting the challenges and insecurities tied to complete tooth loss.A transformative smile graced with full-arch implants, offering a seamless, natural-looking set of teeth and restoring the full radiance and function of a natural smile.

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