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Why You Should Consider Cosmetic Dentistry In Charlotte, NC

a dental patient happily putting an Invisalign aligner on her teeth for her cosmetic dentistry needs

Currently experiencing broken, misshapen, discolored, missing, or damaged teeth? If so, then these patients know the impact that that a less than stellar smile can have on their daily life. Everything from eating, drinking, speaking, and smiling is affected by the stability (or lack thereof) of a person’s teeth.

Wondering if there are any options to restore a less than stellar smile? Fortunately, a dentist in Charlotte, NC can assist patient’s in selecting the best cosmetic dental procedures based on their individuals needs and preferences.


What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is unique in that it varies from various surgical procedures that are rooted in treating oral diseases, root canals, or other situations that may require surgery. With cosmetic dentistry, virtually any imperfection can be fixed, revealing a new, radiant, individualized smile for every patient! Specifically, cosmetic dentistry can offer several amazing benefits, including remedies for:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Disproportionate teeth
  • Uneven gumline
  • Asymmetrical smile

Cosmetic Dentistry In Charlotte, NC

At a dental office in Charlotte, NC the latest in cosmetic dental services, including teeth whitening, veneers, dental crowns, bridges, and orthodontics are provided. This practice boasts 25 years of experience in offering and expertly executing cosmetic dental services to help patients achieve their best smile yet in a personalized manner.

These services are excellent options for restoring missing, damaged, or broken teeth in several ways, along with teeth function.

They work to replace teeth that have these issues by covering damaged teeth with natural looking dental “caps” or crowns. They bridge any gaps that are present due to missing teeth with the usage of dental bridges (2 or more implants) that replace missing teeth. Veneers also cover misshapen or discolored teeth with a natural looking replacement while whitening services provide a bright new smile.

Additionally, the team in Charlotte, NC offer the best in modern technology and dental sedation to ensure the best possible experience with considerations for comfort for patients during their journey to a beautiful new smile.

Get Treated By A Trusted Dentist!

Dr. Porter. has extensive knowledge and education on oral functioning and same day restoration techniques. Dr. Porter also ensures patients smiles are healthy and are designed specifically for every individual.

At his office, Dr. Porter offers dental implant services, including All-On-4 implants, sleep apnea treatment, root canal and gum disease treatment, dentures, cavity fillings, and treatment for jaw pain. Dr. Porter and the amazing team understand the importance of obtaining and maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile.

They understand how each patient deserves to receive top notch treatments in a caring, comfortable, and compassionate environment with the latest technology in imaging and treatment services to promote the best outcomes for patient’s in all areas of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. With this level of expertise and knowledge, there is no doubt that patients will receive the best care from Dr. Porter and the great team in Charlotte, NC.


Come To Our Office!

Experience the wonder of cosmetic dentistry for yourself. Get in contact with Dr. Porter and our team at our Charlotte Dental Arts office to schedule an appointment today!

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