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Wedding Day Dental Solutions

Wedding Day Dental SolutionsIf you are getting married in Charlotte this summer and your smile isn’t Picture Perfect, now’s the time to start talking to the dentist about your dental options. Though it may seem as though the wedding is months away, it’s not too early to begin working on your smile. In fact, Charlotte dentists recommend getting started as soon as possible to ensure that you walk down the aisle with the smile of your dreams.

Every bride’s smile is unique. The factors that you would like to correct may be barely noticeable to anyone else, but if it bothers you when you look at your pictures then it needs to be corrected. Pictures and videos from your wedding will live forever, and it would be a shame if all of the pictures revealed a flaw that drives you crazy!

Talk to your dentist and be honest about what you like and dislike in your smile. Some minimal issues can be corrected in a quick dental appointment. These can include simple procedures like having your teeth cleaned or some moderate bonding. Other procedures could require multiple appointments or treatments, such as teeth whitening, larger fillings, crowns, or veneers. If crooked teeth are the problem, mild orthodontic procedures like Invisalign can sometimes be completed in as few as 3 months.

Be your own worst critic. To get to the root of your cosmetic dental concerns, look closely at a few pictures of your smile. Realize that what you see in the mirror is not the same as what you see in a picture. If possible, look at yourself on video too. If your eye is drawn to a dark shadow between your teeth, uneven edges, bad positioning, or even puffy gums, now’s the time to bring it to your dentist’s attention.

It’s your day, but everyone should look great. If you or any other member of your wedding party is in need of a smile upgrade before the big day, contact a dentist in Charlotte for an appointment today.

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