Free Whitening For Life!

At Charlotte Dental Arts, we pride ourselves on the beautiful smiles that leave our practice. We also pride ourselves on knowing that our patients are maintaining the best possible oral health. Professional Whitening for Life was developed for those patients that are already taking their dental health seriously and as an incentive for those who need a little help keeping up with their dental care.

The only requirements to take advantage of this offer are that you must mention this special when scheduling, you must be current with your dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays at our office, and you must be over 18. New and current patients will initially receive a kit that contains custom made take home whitening trays and professional whitening gel syringes. At each cleaning appointment in the future, you are eligible to receive more gel for free – Just ask!

Complimentary Consultations

We are always open to meet new faces for any reason! We can help you go over any dental concerns you may have, discuss options that may have been given to you from another professional, or just let you tour our state-of-the-art office and meet our friendly staff to make sure this is the right place for you!