Dental Issues that Invisalign Can Treat

Did you know that Invisalign in 28226 has been available since the late 1990s? Since then, millions of smiles have been improved across the world. This practical, transparent aligner system can fix several dental issues. Check them out here. where is the best invisalign 28226?

What are the Dental Issues Invisalign Can Fix?

Crowded Teeth

If the jaw doesn’t have enough space to accommodate the teeth, they will eventually twist and overlap because of crowding. If you have crowded teeth, it can be difficult to remove bacteria and plaque by just brushing and flossing.

Gap Teeth

When there’s too much space between teeth, pockets can develop in the spaces. Since food can get stuck in these spaces, this could lead to gum disease.


This dental problem occurs when the upper front teeth overlap with the lower front teeth. If this is left unaddressed, you can eventually develop serious gum problems, joint pain, and additional wear on the lower teeth.


This is the exact opposite of an overbite because, in this case, the lower teeth are resting right in front of the upper teeth when the mouth is closed. People with an underbite have a hard time speaking and chewing properly. Without the right orthodontic intervention, this problem could cause jaw pain and tooth wear.

Open Bite

This dental problem occurs when the upper and lower teeth don’t get to touch each other when the patient’s mouth is closed. A person dealing with an open bite finds it difficult to bite into certain foods or chew them.


A crossbite takes place when some of the patient’s upper teeth are resting inside the lower teeth. Unless this condition is corrected, tooth wear, chipping, gum disease, and bone loss will result in tooth wear. who offers the best invisalign 28226?

Learn More About Invisalign in 28226!

If you’re struggling with any of the mentioned dental problems, you might want to undergo Invisalign treatment. Contact Charlotte Dental Arts to schedule your consultation.

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